The Last Thing America Needs Is Another Celebrity President. So Stop Asking For It!

The next President of The United States of America must be the exact opposite of Donald Trump.


Damage control.

That is what will define the next good American Presidency. 

Today's Administration is defined by scandal, division, bombast, bigotry, lunacy, hilarity, memes, jokes, fear, confusion, not-so-subtle penis-size metaphors, and Twitter.

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Understanding The Force, Rebellion, and Heroism In The Last Jedi

The older I get, the rarer it is that I’m able to proclaim, “Wow!” as my eyes widen, alight with the silver light of a movie. 

This is not due to a lack of love for film, or even some deficiency on the part of modern cinema; it’s just due to the inevitable grind of living. You see so much that you become inured to each “new” cinematic experience. Unless you're careful, cynicism, much like The Dark Side, can take over.

This is why I’ve become increasingly appreciative of genuine “Wows” when they finally happen.

And Star Wars: Episode VIII: The Last Jedi made me go “Wow!”

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I had said goodnight and “Happy Holidays” to my co-workers, locked the office door behind me, checked my email and texts one last time before pocketing my phone, and I was on my way to the parking lot when I inhaled the smell of candy-canes.

Only this wasn’t any normal candy-cane smell. This had the sharpness of freshly picked peppermint leaves. There was a smokiness to the aroma, as if they were burning in an open fire. The snow started coming down again in heavy clumps, the snowflakes collapsing into one another. The Weather Channel predicted this would be one of the snowiest winters on record. For once, they were right. There were lane closures on I95 every other day. Getting home was a deliberate, sometimes frightening adventure.

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Queen Sugar is a television show on OWN created by director and writer Ava DuVernay.

The story centers on the Bordelon family, three adult siblings, Charlie, Nova, and Ralph Angel played by Dawn-Lyen GardnerRutina Wesley, and Kofi Siriboe respectively. Charlie, Nova, and Ralph Angel inherent their family farm, and despite their lack of farming-experience, they eventually decide to take on the challenge of rejuvenating and managing the land.

While the initial hook is intriguing in its own right, this represents the tip of the iceberg's tip when it comes to the complexities of Queen Sugar's characters, and the way their lives intersect.

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The best podcast currently available for download is Denzel Washington Is The Greatest Actor of All Time Period. Hosts W.Kamau Bell & Kevin Avery take listeners on a thought-provoking, laughter-inspiring Denzel-adventure every single week, using their conceit as a gateway into a larger discussion about diversity in Hollywood, institutionalized racism, and what defines greatness in art. Their show has evolved beyond the original intent of reviewing Denzel's filmography in alphabetical order as Denzel-conversations aren't limited to his films and the show would have ended far too soon had it remained beholden to that original format. The show continues to grow as the guests become even more varied and even more famous, as Denzel fans (or Denzealots) are drawn to the show like moths to the flame, and as Kevin and Kamau's creative efforts continue to expand outside of the podcast.

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“Be honest,” Brian said, with that dumb, affected grin of his. “You’re a little excited.”

“I guess,” Summer replied, glaring out the Long Island Expressway, a long stretch of curvy darkness interrupted by flickering red and white car lights. Brian turned the speaker volume up and they nodded in time to the heavy beat of generic house music.

Brian was the driver, recently twenty-one and unable to focus on much other than the nameless female bodies that crossed his line of sight. He lacked the knowledge or, more accurately, the courage to speak to any of them.  But when it came to noticing them, he was an expert.

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Denzel Washington is The Greatest Actor of All Time Period is a podcast hosted by comedians W.Kamau Bell & Kevin Avery. The conceit of their podcast is that by reviewing all of Denzel Washington’s films and discussing the affect Denzel Washington has had on American popular culture & art they will prove their delightfully lengthy title true.

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