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The Work of Wrestling is an entirely independent venture. No article or podcast episode hides behind a paywall or advertisements. I wanted to create something that was completely free and open to all people. 

While Work Of Wrestling is free to access, it's not free to produce. In the interest of complete transparency with my listeners and readers, here are the yearly production costs of the podcast and website:

The podcast feed costs $60/year to maintain.

Maintaining the feed on my media host LIBSYN allows you to download episodes through Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, GooglePlay, TuneIn, and listen online. This does not incorporate the cost of audio equipment and editing software.

This website (literally the one you're on right now) also isn't free to keep on the internet.

This is a Squarespace website with an annual subscription:

My SquareSpace subscription is $96/year

So, in total:

Work of Wrestling costs me $156/year

I'm happy to keep it all running for as long as I can, but any support from loyal listeners and Believers In The Moment of Pop would go a long way in defraying these costs.

I will personally contact donors with thank yous, and give you a shoutout on the podcast (if you wish).

Every donation helps, and every donation gives me the opportunity to reinvest in other aspects of production, like ad-campaigns, merchandise, and more original content for readers & listeners.

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