Triple H is set to make a big announcement tonight on the 2/2/15 episode of RAW, so it's only fitting that today's episode of Work of Wrestling revolve around him.

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In part one, The Lockup (3:30), host Tim Kail reviews Triple H's latest SmackDown and promos, explaning why a more likable, relatable Triple H character is "best for business".

Why is it important to consider pro-wrestling an art form? In part two, The High Spot (11:30), Tim answers that question and more, delving into what art actually is and how art is at its best and most effective when it's not allienating anyone, when it is for everyone and not distinguishing itself from "entertainment".

Then, in part three, The Finish (18:35) Tim tells the story of his first live pro-wrestling event experience, what it was like to see a face-Triple H give The Pedigree and the NWO to push their way through a hot crowd.

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