Enjoy episode seven of The Work of Wrestling podcast.

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Pro-wrestling poetry, Monday Night Raw as "entertainment-mush", The Reality Era, and much more this week on The Work of Wrestling podcast!

In Part 1 "The Lockup" (3:10) host Tim Kail reacts to Triple H's interview with Stone Cold Steve Austin, dissecting the significance of the final ten minutes of their conversation where Triple H acknolwedged a three-hour Monday Night Raw is far too long.

In Part 2 "The High Spot" (18:25) Tim answers a question Triple H could not: "What does the Reality Era mean?".

And then in "The Finish" (32:30) Tim reads an email submitted by listener Andrew about how Triple H vs The Undertaker at WrestleMania X-7 left a lasting impression on his appreciation for professional wrestling. If you would like to have your story on the show submit to or go to the Story Submissions page.

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