Work Of Wrestling Podcast - EP95 - Role Models

Enjoy a NEW & FREE episode of The Work of Wrestling podcast where my mother "Granny Franny" joins me to discuss the importance of role models in one's life and how professional wrestling has provided me (and others) with positive and inspirational figures throughout the decades.

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Discussion about Bayley & the importance of a good female role model in pro-wrestling.

Conversation about The Rock, and the ways in which he inspired Tim in his adolescence; copying The Rock's movement, speech-pattern, and confidence.

Examining what role The Rock currently plays in professional wrestling and Tim's life, and how our idealized vision of childhood heroes can eventually fade. How do we cope with this?

Next, Tim & Granny Franny cover how CM Punk inspired Tim during his twenties, and the differences between The Rock & CM Punk. As we grow up, we start to see who we are in our role models rather than seeing what we want to be.

Finally, Tim explains in detail why Sami Zayn is his favorite wrestler, how Sami represents the last phase of one's maturation into adulthood, someone who has evolved out of their angst and who approaches the pain of life with positivity and hope.