WOW - EP149 - 2017

 Chris Jericho (left), Kevin Owens (right) in WWE's Festival of Friendship

Chris Jericho (left), Kevin Owens (right) in WWE's Festival of Friendship

For the second to last episode of 2017, Work of Wrestling podcast returns to the original three-part format of the show!

For the Lock-Up, I review everything in pro-wrestling that I've seen in 2017. I focus primarily on WWE, discussing some of the highs and the lows, what stood out to me as particularly memorable and what WWE can do better (from The Festival of Friendship to the squandering of Bayley).

For the High-Spot, I talk about the concept of innovation in the arts; what it really is, how it really happens, and why it's so important. 

For The Finish, I share personal details that I've never shared before, specifically how the 2016 Presidential Election affected my perspective on professional wrestling, and contributed to the restructuring of the podcast & the frequency with which I write articles.

You will find out what I'd like to do with the podcast going forward, and what next week's episode, the 2017 finale, will be.

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