The Work of Wrestling


Professional wrestling is an art. The Work of Wrestling is dedicated that simple truth.


"Tim's work is for serious wrestling fans who believe that professional wrestling should be treated with the respect and dignity regularly given to other art forms..." 
- Mick Foley

Tim Kail is the creator of The Work of Wrestling website & podcast. He has a MFA in creative writing from Hofstra University where he was mentored by award-winning author Julia Markus. He earned his BA in English Literature at Long Island University.

The Work of Wrestling represents his combined love of arts analysis and professional wrestling. He's been writing about wrestling since 2012, he appeared as a guest on EP365 of The Steve Austin Show podcast, and his work has been shared by Mick Foley, Charlotte, Sami Zayn, Bayley, Sasha Banks, Austin Aries, and Paul Heyman.

His arts analysis style has been heralded as the future of pro-wrestling journalism.


Professional wrestling is an art. This website is dedicated to that simple truth.

The "work" of professional wrestling is simply the story of professional wrestling.

The fundamental conceit of the medium is that the in-ring theatrics are legitimate; that the pain is real, that the wins are real, and that the loses are real. No matter how unrealistic or farfetched the spectacle of wrestling may be, like any other form of theater, pro-wrestling is attempting to tell a believable story.

When that sports-story is well-told pro-wrestling inspires audiences to suspend their disbelief and arrive at a place of catharsis or (as I've described it) "The Moment of Pop".

This deserves to be understood and respected. Professional wrestling deserves arts criticism, a style of analysis that dissects and celebrates the medium for the performance art that it is.

On The Work of Wrestling you will find primarily evergreen content: in-depth articles about the pro-wrestling craft and a podcast that examines wrestling from an analytical, arts perspective. From the importance of an excellently executed hold to the historical significance of a particular promo, we will delve into not only what makes pro-wrestling an art, but why pro-wrestling is culturally significant.

Together we will arrive at a deeper understanding of what makes wrestling work!

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